Climate Resistant Christchurch

    Since the devastating earthquakes that hit Christchurch in 2010/11 the city has been selected by the Rockefeller Foundation as model for future resilience. Read how Urbia Group's world award winning approach transforms the city into a unique model for climate resilience.

    Urbia Group (English)

    Urbia Group changes the way we respond to Climate Change. Read how we work and how this benefits you.

    Urbia Group (Español)

    Urbia Grupo cambia nuestra forma de responder al cambio climático. Leído cómo trabajamos y cómo esto lo beneficia a usted.

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    New Urban Shores Article

    Landscape Architecture New Zealand (Issue #20) recently published a piece on New Urban Shores – Urbia Group's manifesto of sorts on a new paradigm for adaptive urbanism in the context of New Zealand.

    From Resistance to Resilience Poster

    This Informative Poster / Infographic on Coastal Resilience was created by the S&T team for the New Zealand Climate Change Conference to illustrate concepts from our booklet "From Resistance to Resilience." It is being used as a school geography resource across the country. Free for download for non-commercial distribution (with credit to Urbia Group Ltd.) (4MB)

    From Resistance to Resilience Booklet

    This third issue of our Thought Series, From Resistance to Resilience, develops Adaptive Urbanism further by introducing some practical tools to address Climate Change issues such as the coastal protection from storm surges, reduction of surface water run-off and water purification. It demonstrates that the variety of “soft” approaches can address many issues simultaneously.

    New Urban Shores Booklet

    New Urban Shores is a booklet expressing our manifesto derived from more than two years of work. We believe that cities, resilient to Climate Change and in particular Sea-level Rise, can be achieved by employing holistic enquiry as well as integrating the landscape into the built environment: Adaptive Urbanism

    Adaptive Urbanism Booklet

    Adaptive Urbanism discusses urban response strategies that - when applied early - can lead to resilient and better living environments for mankind and nature. This booklet summarises the work of a Masters Seminar held by Bernd Gundermann at the School of Architecture and Planning of Auckland University in 2011.

    Adapting to Sea-level Rise: Apia, Samoa Booklet

    This booklet - Adapting to Sea Level Rise - introduces new measures to help to increase resilience to sea-level rise and tsunamis in the town of Apia, Samoa. We suggest soft interventions that also boost lifestyle and improve the coastal environment.