Our Earth undergoes radical change on a planetary level, one of them: Climate Change. None of our usual efforts of politics and science ruled by separation are taking hold.

Urbia Group, therefore, includes a range of scientific disciplines as well as urban designers, economists, philosophers, policy-makers, community, and stakeholders. To successfully adapt we must unite our resources to achieve an integrated solution.

Urbia Group facilitates changes through our novel, holistic, user-oriented design and collaborative effort. Enabling participants to reiterate research questions or hypotheses beyond the usual limitations will help to avoid ‘scientific silos’. Transdisciplinary communication has been proven to open forums where sparks can fly, leading to new insights and demonstrates how we believe all future research needs to occur.

Urbia Group co-creates an intellectual space that shares ideas at a global level as well as working together locally. Our research will act as a node of a larger network allowing collaboration between industries and countries. This ensures that Urbia Group is aware of any complementary research worldwide and can remain world leaders in the area of Climate Change Resilience.