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New Zealand's mayor online news agency interviewed Bernd after his presentation at the EDS Conference. His message: Climate Change won't be threatening, when we embark on the journey to soft resilience to the effects of Climate Change now."Will Aucklanders walk on water?" - "Yes, we can." is Urbia Group's resounding response!

Bernd outlines Auckland's possible future as world-leading coastal city with softened shores, artificial islands, and high-rise buildings on stilts over wetlands in the CBD. He emphasises that there is time enough to plan, prototype, and optimise these ecosystem-based measures of resilience, if we start now with exploring and testing to be ready when environmental challenges will become pressing. 

About one hundred readers liked Urbia Group's bold statement, because there is a new undercurrent building up. People see the advantages of combining safety with lifestyle that only soft resilience and Adaptive Urbanism can provide.