Download New Booklet: Climate Resilient Christchurch

Check out Urbia Group's world award winning concept of Adaptive Urbanism applied to Christchurch. The Rockefeller Foundation choose the city as one of the first exemplars for resilient cities. Since Mike Mallooly's appointment as Chief Resilience Officer there is a significant momentum built up to explore the most efficient means of creating climate resilience.

Urbia Group suggests to retreat from areas prone to liquefaction and inundation and re-develop these zones as vast 'Green Heart' that emulate Nature's one means of buffering against flooding, increase biodiversity and reconnect Christchurch's citizens by providing greenways across this new marshland for healthy biking and walking.

Creating this 'Green Heart' is envisaged as collective task in order to boost social resilience as well. Many traumatised Cantabrians could be given a relief therapy by working with plants, water, and soil. All the positive aspect of Urbia Group's revolutionary approach combined should make it a no-brainer. Have a read here.