Bernd's New Book

Bernd introduced his new book: Notes on Rivers and Art - Etude sur les Fleuves et l'Art at Lyon's historical town hall on 9 October 2017 as initial part of the 5th session of the Initiative for the Future of Great Rivers.

This book takes a fresh look at paintings from the 15th century until the present that are related to rivers. In contrast to the usual art historical approach, Bernd sees the art through the eyes of an environmentalist. This leads to new insights regarding the increasing damage Europe's development has done to nature which was documented by the artists throughout the centuries. It is also a new way looking at art: viewers should also pay attention to the fringes of the canvases, not just on the main subject, to reveal the hidden documentary aspects of the piece where the artist depicts his reality as a witness.

Although this may be a sobering learning, art always also implies the opportunity to outgrow previous/ongoing failures through creativity. The book closes with Gerhard Richter, who applies chance when processing his Abstract Paintings (2008). It is on us to chose our fate.