Bernd Speaks in Christchurch on Monday, 30 May

Regenerate Christchurch invited Bernd to visit Christchurch. Hosted by Prof. Eric Pawson, he will hold the Lunchtime Seminar at the  Geography Department Learning Space, level 3 at the University of Canterbury, 12PM on Monday, 30 May. Beside other consultancy meetings Bernd will also discuss at the Smash Palace - Tuesday Club.

Ever since the earthquakes devastated Christchurch in 2010/11, Bernd made left-field contributions on the city's recovery. His particular interest are the subsided areas in East Christchurch along the River Avon estuary. Here multiple risks threaten the redevelopment: liquefaction, inundation, and subsidence. These will worsen in the future in the face of climate change. Adaptive Urbanism and lateral thinking would be beneficial when applied to this area in order to make Christchurch an example for an uplifting recovery from a fatal disaster.