Another creative day in Christchurch

Hosted by the CEO of Regenerate Christchurch, Ivan Iafeta, Bernd kicked off the day with a briefing meeting there, followed by a presentation to c 50 members of the City Council, the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, Environment and Regenerate Christchurch. Stakeholder consultations with leaders of East Christchurch's initiatives set focus on the Residential Red Zone, which was also the topic of Bernd's latest session as guest of the Tuesday Club, hosted by Garry Moore at the Smash Palace.

After five years of growing frustration about the delays of the city's earthquake recovery, Bernd planted the seeds of confidence that Urbia Group's Adaptive Urbanism will bring the long awaited creative boost to both a human-centred and climate-resilient future. Further advisory consultations will lead the way.